Merry Christmas (and a happy new year!)

      Did you guys have
a great Christmas? I hope so! Sorry I went on that little
break. I want to hear about what everyone got, and also on
the horrible news on Mark Teixiara (aka the devil). I Hate
Mark Teixiera more than anyone in the world now!  Stupid
Yankees!!! They spend money like a drunkard! It’s almost
unfair how they always win because their rich. No skills! Bud
Selig should put a cap on the money they can spend. OK i am
really to tired to type so bye.

The Good, the Bad, The Ugly

      I think we will all agree that we need Tek to train a catcher to follow in his foot steps. Tek would be a good mentor for a young catcher, and that would set us up so that when that horrible day comes along when Varitek retires (or a worse day, when he is traded) we will have a catcher that is ready to take over the pitching staff. Also, I would say, he would make a great pitching coach when he retires. Here is your feed back on the worst case scenario for the Red Sox 2009


The worst case scenario
for the

2009 Red Sox? Here are
some problems that could plague us in my


1. We don’t get a solid
fifth starter. Sure I like guys like Bowden,

Masterson and Buchholz but
I much prefer Masterson in the bullpen and I

think that Buchholz should
stay in the bullpen for now, and I think

that Bowden should follow
in Masterson’s footsteps (that is, join the

roster in September after
some brief appearances earlier in the


2. We don’t re-sign
Varitek. That would leave our pitching staff in a

horrible situation because
no one can handle them like Varitek.

3. We don’t get a strong
back up catcher for Varitek.

4. Ortiz’s wrist injury
doesn’t heal as planned, same with Lowell’s


5. We don’t get a solid
fourth outfielder.


The Ortiz and Lowell
situation is kind of uncontrollable right now, but

I have faith that they
will be fine next year. I think we need to focus

on getting a strong fourth
slot pitcher, Derek Lowe preferably, a

backup catcher for Varitek
(let’s just re-sign him already!), and a

fourth outfielder.





Hey James!  Thanks
for including my comments in your blog!  Worse case?

 Ugh – I have to
think about that!  Okay —



1. We don’t sign Lowe or
another pitcher.


really am concerned about Ortiz.  I’m not convinced

that he will be back
anywhere near where he was in the 2007 season.

I’m really not worried
about Lowell.  I think he will be healed and

ready to go.


3. Have to agree with
Elizabeth – We need to resign Tek & we need a

catcher that he can train.
 If we don’t have Tek then I will be very

worried about Dice-K’s
performance next year.  I don’t think he will do

well with a pitcher that
he doesn’t know or who hasn’t been trained by



4. Not getting  Youk
tied up with a long term contract.  While he is a

true professional, let’s
but this one to bed.  We need him.  No

discussion necessary.


5.  I’m also worried
about how early in each game that we need to go to

the pen.  We need to
try and get longer starts out of our starting

pitchers.  There were
times last season where I felt we had to use our

pen too much and too


I don’t want to think
about this anymore!  I want to think only Happy

Red Sox thoughts!



Best case we win it all,
worst case we lose every game, no the worst

case wold be having Clay,
Masterson, or Bowden stink or get injured as

the fifth man in the
rotation. I don’t want Lowe till next year till

Wake retires so Clay or
who ever can fill the 5th hole. I also think

another bad thing is the
Red Sox not having Varitex. I would would give

any thing to have him
back. Best case is Big Papi has a “Big Papi” type

season and stays heathy.
Also Beckett needs to stay heathy to. I think

Boston will get Teixeira
😦 which means trading Lowell and moving Youk

to third. I think Boston
would be the favorites if we got Teixeira Are

bullpen has many new faces
which could be a problem. I think the Sox

will win it all this year
and people will start to say what curse?


Commenter name: bigpapi72

So lets stop[ thinking about this bad stuff and move on to tomorrows topic: Biggest competition in 2009


Red Sox ’09, Oh So fine

      Thanks to all of the people sending me comments. This entry is about the 2009 roster and I really didn’t have to think much on this one. I picked out the three best comments telling an opinion on the 2009 roster and here they are:

Ortiz is a question mark
in my book.  I don’t know if the wrist will

hold up.  Youk &
Dusty are both solid.  Lowell, according to all

reports, is in great shape
so that is another plus.  I suspect Ellsbury

is working hard in the
offseason so I expect him to be hitting strong

and his speed is a BIG
plus.  Bay, Drew & Lowrie?  Solid also.

Catching?  I hope it
is Tek.  His numbers weren’t good last year – but

we need his experience on
the field – Dice-K would not be as good

without him.  I think
if we picked up Lowe to shore up pitching we will

be in great shape.
 Remember – we came within one game of the World

Series.  Yes, the
Yanks have picked up pitching but have done nothing

to strengthen their
offense.  The Rays?  We need to see if they are

or not.  That remains to be seen.  A big mid-season

trade?  ONLY if





If Boston lands Teixeira I
think they are the definite favorites in the

AL East. I know the
Yankees are stacked again but it is hard to play

under all that pressure.
Not many guys go there and produce the way

they had been before hand.
I think it will be a long season and a tough

battle between Boston, New
York, and Tampa. Should be a great one to



I’m not too concerned
about Sabathia. I just think back to the ’07 ALCS

when the Sox knocked
around CC Sabathia not once, but twice. Hopefully

we’ll have some more epic
Sabathia vs Beckett matchups. Personally, I

don’t really think we need
Teixeria, I have faith that Lowell will make

a strong return. I’m also
hoping that the Sox re-sign Varitek, and sign

Lowe as well. Nice blog so


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Mark Teixiera (continued)

      Mark Teixeira is closing in on his final decision. he has many options, but the Sox have definitely dropped down in rankings. The Yankees picked up AJ Burnett and, of course, CC Sabathia. The Red Sox are looking hard to find some players to compete, especially some good hitters to smack around CC. This is such a tough off season for the Sox because if they don’t hurry and pick up some high profile players we could be behind. 

      Ok so we do have Big Papi (David Ortiz), D-Ped (Dustin Pedroia), and Youk (Kevin Youkillis) but are they tough enough to hold off the Rays and the Yanks? This is going to be very interesting. In the long run the Red Sox, in recent years, have really stepped up. But I’m going to make a prediction (mark this one in your books) The Sox are going to make a big Trade near the middle of this up coming season, unless they sign Mark Teixiera. I know that is very vague but I just have that feeling.

Mark Teixeira

       First off, I would like to welcome you to my blog! I hope to keep blogging all this 2009 season and then maybe beyond that! I’ll keep you updated on the top Red Sox news including:
Trades, Acquisitions, and anything else that I think you will want to know. So stay tuned and keep checking back!
       But now lets get back to the news. Of course the name that is sending shivers down our back is Mark Teixeira. First the owner claims that we are “not a factor” and then word comes back out that we still might be on top. Though, if we do acquire Mr. Teixeira, than we have to fing a place for either Mike Lowell or Kevin Yooooouuuuuuuukkkkkkk. So Obviously this will be a tough decision for Mark and the Sox. I can’t wait to see the result. Remmeber to check back often!